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My Real Life and what I go thro [entries|friends|calendar]

Random Heading One

Random Heading Two

My name is Claudia I live in Italy with my Mother and Father and my Brother and Baby Sister. I am actually half Italin Half Irish since my Mother is Mexican and my Father is Italian. You will get no fake posts on/about me, this is what I go through in my life and how I feel etc. It is MY JOURNAL. And I will write like it is MY JOURNAL. My Father is quite rich and all I've know in my life is.....well...richness I guess, I don't know how to put it. But I would like to see what it is like to live a normal life and not be rich. Any way I realise that quite a few people wish to be rich but arn't so I shall not complain. I'm actually quite happy to rich. It is a blessing from God because we are all Christian. I speak Italian as well as a few other languages but because English is the most usual language that is understood, for all your sake I will write in English, not Italian\Mexican. You will probably find out more about me by reading my 'interest box'., ect. My main personality is bashful, kind, shy, quiet, serious, I think and dream a lot , ect.

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God is calling....will I answer? [
Posted on December 02, 2005 @ 1:53 pm
[ mood | thoughtful ]

I hear God calling me so strongly every time I draw near to Him. I know He wants to do some powerful things in my life and use me but i keep backing away! I'm so scared! I don't know why! Actually I think I do know why! It's because I'm afraid of others afraid of people, I guess I am what I never wanted to be and are ashamed to admit and that my problem is I'm afraid of people and I have no self confidence and no faith in myself!
God be with you all! I love you Bonnie!

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Posted on November 25, 2005 @ 12:40 pm
[ mood | bitchy ]

*sigh* why? *laugh* *shrug* *it's an adventure* *giggle* am I crazy? I'm heading out into a big world where I have never been before. Help me i'm scared........kinda! I'm ok! I'll be ok!
*cheers!* this was random! I guess I'm just starting to come to the fact of my reality as the leaving date draws near that I really am going
much love to all

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Right or what? [
Posted on November 16, 2005 @ 8:11 pm
[ mood | bitchy ]

This is about right! "Guys want me but can't have me" isn't it? lol And I did get strait A's in most of my classes when I was at school.

You scored as Smart girl. Guys are sometimes intimidated by your massive smart skills. But thats okay. They think its cool that you care about your future and they like it that your not into the whole "popularity" thing.


One they want but can't have


Smart girl


The hot chick


Girl whos a friend




What do guys think of you?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Long time no write huh?! [
Posted on November 16, 2005 @ 7:02 pm
[ mood | complacent ]

Well Hello girls!
Long time no write huh?!
I have just been busy planning my lovely big trip. And I’m having fun at it.
We--I--have decided that I will leave the day after Christmas. We have large (I mean large, since I have a very big family) Christmas party’s from November on wards about every second week (some times every week) up until Christmas then on Christmas day the whole family meets at one place, we all go to different family members houses each year. But ours has been “elected” this year, I think it’s because we have just added in new waterslide feature to our hug pool and added an indoor pool for the adults.  And every one wants a chance to try it out.  Most of my family are wealthy and have large houses. *blah*
Any way. All that to say that I am leaving the day after Christmas because, all my family will be there to see me off since they stay over night on Christmas night.
I am very much looking forward to it. As you can imagine. Even though my parents haven’t been too pleased about me going they have been very helpful supportive and understanding. And my father has thoughtfully and lovingly bought me a car, one for when I get to Australia and one in Hong Kong, since he has experienced and knows how much a hassle transport can be in foreign countries. Then all I have to do is contact him and let him know when I’m “done” with my “transport” and he will sell in to another buyer, through the contacts he has in Aus and HK so we aren’t really losing any thing. Sorry I'm rambling on subject that wouldn't really interest any of you. I'm starting to use this as more of a journal. And to really keep a record of my life. So forgive me if I go-ond-and-on it's so I will remember such little details in the furture. ;)

Ok fokes this was written a little while ago as you can see and I didn't get to post it.
Well the Christmas pary's have begun and life is great in that erea.
*sigh* Would you dare to believe that Samauel has come a knocking and bacically “party crashing” on nermerouse of our party's. Even when they were at some other family members house. What worries me and is puzzeling is “How does he know where we are and what we (my family, all of them) are doing” Now I feel as if I have put them in 'danger'. Samuel is one person I could never trust. Some one is letting him in on all of our information (even private stuff) and the question “Why?” is just baffeling, not to mention scary. Surely there is no way he can think to win my heart now. NO WAY! It is over for him, he blew any chance he had. I have a feeling it's to do with money.

And the freakish thought has occurred to me. What if he finds out about my trip and every little detail???? *shivers* I some how suspect that it's my parents letting out this information I will certainly talk to them as soon as I can. I think I will keep most of my details private even from my parents as it has become that I can not trust even them which hurts terribly. But why would they be doing this? Putting my saftey at risk. There is no telling what Samuel would do if he had me alone. I think I may hire a securety guard to acommpany me privately, and not tell my parents of the plan.

You girls may think this is so fare fetched and crazy and what your hearing is a big story. But it's not, it's scary for me, and I can't make you believe any thing either so I won't try you each have your own idea's.

Congratulations on your marriage to Jonathan, Elizabeth! I am so happy for you. (and perhaps envy your happiness. ;))

All my new uploaded icons mean something at the moment. The Little Women icons of Jo and Mr Bear kissing is what I wish for (true love).
The Anne Of Green Gables icons: "What's on my horison?" Is the very question and thought running through my head at this time.
And the "Sing" icons is what I wish I could do out of happiness!

Love you all wonderful girls muchly! Isn't it great! I never realised it but my journal is girls only. ;) i didn't plan it that way either. *laugh*
In christ Claudia

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Things are getting better! [
Posted on October 01, 2005 @ 11:46 am
[ mood | weird ]

Things are getting a little better with this whole "drama".

I went and talked to my parents. And told them that what had happened when he proposed to me. I told them every thing then said that I didn't love him and wasn’t ready for marriage especially to a person like him. I said that he was immature and not ready to be married either. i then asked them why they wanted me to get married so badly, they didn’t' tell me strait out and went fumbling around on different issues not getting to the real heart of the issue. So I guessed that they didn't want to tell me the real reason. And I was so fed up that I surprisingly didn't want to know or care about it. So I let it go.
They were obviously quite disappointed with my decision and let me know it too, but I think that they all along knew that the “go ahead” rested in my hands and in my decision because not matter how unrealistic they can be some times they would never really truly actually “FORCE” me into something I DID not want to do (at least I think so) And I made it VERY clear that I DID NOT want to marry Samuel.
A few times I broke down (I couldn’t help it) when talking to them and I’m pretty sure that understood me and how I felt.
I then proposed to them that I felt I needed to get away because this whole “marriage” thing has been going of for more than a few months now. I felt in need of a holiday-by my self-so I told them and they were upset but once again knew that I had made up my mind and wouldn’t get on with “the world” too well unless I had a break. So I am going to Hong Kong for a BIG shopping trip. I haven’t been on one of those for SO long it’s hardly laughable. I will be staying there for a few weeks, I’m not quite sure. I’m going to make sure that this trip is very slow and easy not rush rush rush like all my other similar trips have been. So I’m not putting an exact date-to-be-back on myself or giving a promise to any one. I’m just going to say I won’t be gone the whole year.  My true destination is Australia after Hong Kong my main big destination (I may stop of at other places in-between Italy and Hong Kong and Hong Kong and Australia, I’m not sure, like I said I’m taking it very easy) in Australia is to visit the Great Barrier Reef.
As you can imagine I am greatly looking forward to this trip and I’ll be leaving soon. In about a couple of months.
I’m actually almost thinking of taking a ship cruise from Hong Kong. That will be VERY relaxing. And that way if it becomes a little TOO boring-relaxing-I’ll be able to get off at one of our stops and fly the rest of the way…..or whatever! But I don’t know what sea liner to take. I heard there was a million dollar one…..and I did consider that but I thought…1million is a fare bit of money and I expect you’d get the same features on a less expensive cruise just not as “flashy” as the million dollar one. But I wouldn’t be missing out on any thing really other than being able to say to my friends that “I’ve been on the million dollar ship cruiser” which I think is a bit desperate. I’d rather save the money for other things further on in my travels.  But I won’t worry about that now. I’ll think about the sea liner when I get to Hong Kong.
I may go to England also…..a place I’ve always wanted to visit any way I’m getting a little carried away now, these things can be decided when I’m actually ON my trip.

Of course I haven’t told Samuel about ANY of this and I’m not going to. He has become more desperate and I don’t trust him one single bit and am starting to doubt his sanity……I don’t know what he would do if he found out where I was going. Something crazy like follow me. Nothing he did would surprise me now.

But I have firmly told him that marriage is no longer an option between him and myself and my parents agree, in fact my parents are going to talk to him also, but he doesn’t know that at the moment and the reason my parents are going to talk to him (they were happy for me to say all that had to be said) because he doesn’t think my word means any thing and is still being harassing (that’s an understatement) me and I have told my parents all about it. And they will talk to him. Though I doubt they will talk to him firmly. They will more than likely sympathise with him, trying their best to make him understand that their “dear” daughter loathes him. *snort* And then more than likely he will take it that they still wish he could marry me (which they do) and will continue to harass me. But this is one of the main reasons I’m going away for a while. Hopefully he will forget about it all by the time I come back (maybe with a special man to frighten him away. ). If not I will be the one doing something drastic and consider strongly moving away. Something I have considered lately but then thought against it because that is a little rash. I’m pretty sure that this trip will settle the matter for a while. If not…like I said I will move away.

I love you girls. You have really given me some good advice that I have taken and used. As you can obviously tell by this update I am feeling much better than before. And I you will be able to read my update with ease because I have taken care with my spelling this time. I hope....:)
I will try to keep you updated in the future about my trip and all. I may by an expensive cordless lap top (my old one is too old) so as i will be able to stay in contact more frequently on my trip as it's happening.

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He tried to Proppose [
Posted on September 25, 2005 @ 5:31 pm
[ mood | worried ]

Samuel tried to "officially" propose to me today. Of course I said no and told him why. I said: "Because you just went and talked to my parents before me and had it all "arranged" before even trying to "woo" me or help me love you, and you have been acting like a jerk just going around telling every one that we are getting married." He seamed kind shocked at the last part because he didn't know I know that he had been "blabbing and boasting" to every one. I was like *duh I have ears and friends and you have no interest in descression* "Comon"! I asked him why he wanted so much to get married and that it diden't even seam that he loved me. He just walked away then but before he did he said. "Claudy (a name that only my parents and VERY close friends call me, I was actually surprised that he knew it. Know doubt my parents told him and he though he could use it and it would make me love him...NOT! If any thing it made me all the more angary,,,how dare he use such a personal, special name as if we are in love when I haden't even given him permission!) any way...he said "Claudy, we are both ment for each other, can't you see that? (he didn't even give me a chance to reply) and I love you so we should get married." he said most tenderly but something in his voice was mocking and when I told him that I hardly knew him and didn't think I loved him and DID most certainly not want to get married to him. He lauged a hard laugh and tried to kiss me. Of course I didn't let him and told him to keep his hands to himself, he became angary then and said that I was acting like an idiot and away he stormed. I just sat there and cried for every thing!
If only he wasen't so brutel and demanding, I could maybe begin to like him at least but he is hardly giving him self any chance with me the way he's acting...one moment WAY to strait forward and emotional, trying to cross the boundary's and the next minet angry and storming off as any thing. It's not fare for me or for him. I hate him so much than when he shows a little tenderness I soften up a little but then he blows it by going to fare and trying to kiss me or something gross and drastic..then he get's angary at me for being angary at him for not controling himself.. Goodness! I'm postitive that THIS is NOT the way love should be or be carried out! Do you? *crys*
It is almost terrifying to be shoved into this with out any notice whatsoever before hand.
*hugs to all you girls* I pray I'm not shocking you with my updates of late.*

Once again: I'm sure you have notice my type-to-fast spelling mistakes...please look over then as I'm fare to bothered with other things to bother about fixing up my spelling. I hope you can read it! Forgive me!

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Am I supposed to be almost married????? I just feel emotionally drained [
Posted on September 24, 2005 @ 3:38 pm
[ mood | with a deeply wounded heart ]

Girls this is very short and selected. Because I am not ready to share it all. So if it seams a little "bold" and all that....don't worry! it's not, this was all over a period of time. and as you will guess there are things I have left out. I am just filling you in in the very basics! Forgive me! :)
*hugs to you all*

Well here is a little bit of the story...forgive me if I am or have been so weird and vague. Life has been topsy turvy for me at the moment as you can well imagine.

Love love love! It is a strange thing...something I'm not so sure I understand yet!

Well I work half time on a beautiful restraunt over looking a bay. It is the complete romantic setting and I have the pleasure of serving many young and not so young customers who are rekindling a love or are starting a new or first time love....and way it's a great place for it.
Any how! There is a young man who works there and he is nice enough. I could tell right from the start that he was a complete freak over me! I ingnored him. Because so many guys are crazy for me, I get totally sick of it. But this guy seamed more than deteremed to turn my head. Since I've been working there I've known him 2 years. Well he had asked me out a few times and i had reluctently gone with him just because his nagging was driving me to distraction. Well he seamed really nice and all but he almost couldn't keep his hands off me and that was really agaravating so I TOLD him to "get lost" bacically! I could tell he was a little hurt but not crushed in the slightest and was still more determed than ever. And I was becoming more desperate than ever to get rid of him.
I didn't want to tell my parents because we are wealthy and they just assume that any one who is "bothering me" is a mass murderer and may kidnap me and is after the money. :::yeah right:::: this guy would just about mass murder FOR me but not againts me!

Well a little too late I found out that He had been seriously talking to my parents and they were seriously considering it. And the way I found out wasen't the best way to find out. I was not told I "accedetnally" had it poured me. *crys*

I confronted my parents and asked them why they had kept this from me. And that I did not think I liked Samuel as much as he liked me *bit of an understatement* they didn't think this made any difference in the slightest. And they WANT me to marry him as soon as soon as possible and are almost forcing the whole thing on me. I don't even have a say in it hardly! It is scary! And now Samuel is kind of boasting over me and bragging to others that he's got "the gal" and we are getting married. But hello! I am completely out of this. I feel like running away! Dosen't any one have a chance at true love??
I have know idea why Samuel wants to marry me so badly...I'm not sure if he loves me or not. I personally think that he just wants to get me then once he has me he won't care for me after that. :(
My icon describes me very well at the moment! "Broken Heart"
I think I'm going to refuse him, my parents and ALL of it! I just won't be able to cope!

Any words of love or wisdome, comments or advice?????

I hope you don't feel shocked girls by my attitude, I guess I never really have expresed any detail of my life to you. I now feel bad that your getting one big serving of my feelings in my life in one go. Hope you can digest it okay! :(

P.S you have to forgive all my silly "type-too-fast" spelling errors I'm too drained or concerned about other things to worry about fixing my spelling! :/

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Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh OhOh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [
Posted on September 23, 2005 @ 9:05 pm
[ mood | distressed ]

Oh my Goodness! *falls over* My life has changed dramatically!

I think I may be getting married! *faints*
*breathing heavily*


The LJ friendsCollage.
Original by teemus. Modifications by whitez.
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Should I see it? [
Posted on September 21, 2005 @ 5:01 pm
You scored as Arwen of Rivendell.


Arwen of Rivendell


Meriadoc Brandybuck (Merry)


Frodo Baggins






Gandalf the Grey


Peregrin Took (Pippin)






Saruman the White








Samwise Gamgee


Which Lord of the Rings character are you most like?
created with QuizFarm.com

Is this good or bad. Never seen Lord Of The Rings. Should I see it?
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Quizes [
Posted on September 17, 2005 @ 4:36 pm
What Prom Dress Fits You? (PICS)
This Dress is just right for you your beautiful and
glamorous and you know when your going
overboard, you dont hate the world and also
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you're on my list... You are a brave girl that
have no problems with agressive negotiations..
you are a very strong politician an you hate
corrupts... your only problem in the story was
that you ended up falling in love with the bad
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to save you, that means he was really in love
with you... and he ended up not saving you at
all, did he ? ='(

Which Movie Princess are you ??
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your random Phantom of the Opera picture (37 results) by thatphan
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Quiz created with MemeGen!

I thought these were interesting and fun to do? :)
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a reason for life! [
Posted on August 31, 2005 @ 11:28 pm
[ mood | anxious ]

I have just been so blessed. I never knew I could feel as good as I do by just getting my feelings all out into the open with my family.

Tonight we were all together just talking and I expressed my feelings to my parents about how I had no reason to get up in the morning, nothing to live for. Life was just old and boring.
Well now we've got some things sorted out and some goals for me to look forward to and achieve. And the best thing is that there were no quarrels or arguments, infact we were laughing most the time.
God is Good!

It was my Auntys birthday today so I rang and talked to her for a little while. I have the most cutest cousins but they were in bed so i didn't get to speak to them. :(

God has put a calling on my life. And has shown me that there is NO time for fooling around the 'edges of the water' either stay out or STAY IN! I'm referring to my Christian walk (as you probably already guessed).
He told me that He IS coming back VERY soon! IN this generation.
Some times I get kind of scared thinking about when he comes back because maybe I'm not ready for Him or I'm luke warm instead of on fire like I should be. Its scary because in the bible God says.."But because you are neither hot or cold but luke warm, I shall spew you out of my mouth." That is a terrible thing to be spewed out of God's mouth. *shudders* And I know right now that I'm probably NOT Hot for Jesus! But I want to be.

He was telling me that instead of going on all these mission trips (not that they are bad) lead people to Jesus in your home, where you live. They are just as spiritually starving as what any one in other counties are. But I feel so nervous and so shy as to what they will think..blah blah...and I thought "I know, I'll just be a good example to them and god's light will shine out of me." All very well (and it is a good thing to do that, but I was using it as an excuse) but this is what God said..."The people have had enough examples they NEED Me and they need some one to GO and TELL them about Me."
WOW! I realized that He has chosen me.
i want to go but I have to be fulling committed.."The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" so true.

I feel that if I had other youth around me that were into the same stuff and on fire for God and all that..then I'd feel better and I could work with them, witnessing and stuff, it would make me feel that I'm not alone. But I haven't met any one yet! :( God has his plan I know!

Do some times when your spending time with Jesus that you just feel He's love wash over you. So pure and beautiful and refreshing that you just sob and sob and tell Him how much you love him? I have experienced that a lot lately. I think it's God showing me that he is with me and he loves me and will never leave my side.

Another thing that makes me so scared is that when God tells me to go up to this person and tell them about Jesus and i'm to afraid or nervous to and I don't end up doing it, one day he will be coming out from the clouds and just one look into his eye's will melt any one. He can see strait through you. And knowing that I have disobeyed him....*shudders* so sad and scary. I realize he's not out to condemn us but...he IS GOD!
I do not want to Go to Hell!
Myself and 2 of my friends were having a deep conversation, about the end times and all. And one of them pointed something out about us being nervous to go and tell some one else about Jesus. She said..."A couple of minuets or moments of nervousness and hesitation dosn't add up to any thing in the light of eternity." And it's true. Really, we are being selfish if we are too scared to go and tell some one about Jesus because whether they realize, it or not, "we" are 'saving' their soles from destruction, and Hell. Wich is torment that will go on for eternity *shudders*. It would be selfish not to share the life we have found and know in Christ.

I have been doing so much thinking lately and figuring new things out and finding some awesome new things out about God and his word. It's a time of spiritual growth and knowing about my "husband" and getting to know him. Realizing that he is coming back for a spotless and blameless bride. Phew! God you are awesome.

I hope I have been making sense here. This is just my heart cry I guess. Do any of you feel this way at any time?
I love each of you, Bonnie, Chantel and Elizabeth! You are awesome wonderful people! and I'm glad you came into my life. And I'm glad you can put up with all my ramblings and still be so sweet to me. :)
Truly all of you are a gift from God to me!

I wish you all the happiness Elizabeth on your wedding! many *hugs* Make sure to get lots of pictures. I've seen quite a few pictures of the lovely Chantel. But non of you Bonnie, why is that? Maybe if you have some you could post some soon...p-l-e-a-s-e???!!! :)

Claudia! xxxxxxxxxx oooooooooooo

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Icons! [
Posted on August 23, 2005 @ 9:10 am
[ mood | calm ]

Do you all think it's time for me to get some new icons? I do!
Where would I get them from?

Sorry friends! I WILL be updating about some important things that I need to journal. Soon!
Much Love to you all!

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Sorry [
Posted on August 21, 2005 @ 12:42 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

I'm sorry friends that I haven't updated for a LONG LONG Time. I will be soon.
Many hugs to you all.
Love Claudia

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Brothers! [
Posted on July 23, 2005 @ 2:23 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

My brother thinks Live Journal is stupid and a waist of time...well it just goes to show what his missing out on......WONDERFUL friends that you meet on here.

I thank God for you all! You are such a blessing to me.

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Posted on July 16, 2005 @ 11:16 am
[ mood | cheerful ]

Thing's are heaps better with Grandma and Mom now.
Mom gave her a hug and stuff and every thing is running SOOOOOOO smoothly now. Joy Oh Joy!

I guess family's do have to have disagreements some of the times other wise life would be too easy. :)

Some times I think...when I get married I'm just going to love my husband so much and never yell at him or get annoyed or angry..I'm going to be the perfect wife and do what ever he wants and not cause him trouble at all...but if I can't love my siblings like that and treat them properly then there is no way I'll be able to serve my "man" perfectly. With your mother and father is training ground for facing the world..better get it right. :)
God is wonderful..he's just like a friend..when I'm lonely or sad I can talk to him and he comforts me or shows me what to do.

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Posted on July 09, 2005 @ 10:34 pm
[ mood | loved ]

Things have cheered up.....since a couple of days ago.

My Grandma got really hurt and so did my Mom cos when we were over at their place (n/r) (staying for a few days) my Mom over heard Grandma and Pa talking about her not very nicely because she has differen't views on life/child raising etc.

And Mom decided to bring it up instead of just keeping quiet and ignoring it..(which she later thought she maybe should have done) and Mom was crying saying how much she was trying to be "good" by doing this and this and how she's under pressure because of this and this.

I actually over heard all this going on from the bed room I was sleeping in. (Nice "holiday" ) and then Grandma said "well I've done all I can to help you I just don't know what to do any more, I don't know how to help you" and Mom goes off and starts crying again and then they each go away and do their own thing.

But (their walls are very thin) I heard through the wall (my grandma was in the bathroom getting ready to go some where) talking to Pa saying something like "no..no it's ok...no..thank you" I by the sound of her voice I could tell that she was crying.

And my heart just broke for her. She has done all she can to help my Mom and then my Mom can't take a little bit of "persecution" for doing what she thinks/knows is right concerning her family issues. And she had to take a lot of it all out on Grandma.

By then I was fuming at Mom (maybe I shouldn't have been) but the whole day kept out of her way and did what I was supposed to do. Because even if I did one miner "wrong" thing she'd snap at me and go bazaar.

And i hate it when that happens so I just kept out of her way and went about my business.

Grandma went out and so did Pa. (I wonder why?)
Well my brother (a/s) and I decided to go down to the shops just down the road. And we met Grandma down there just on her way out (about to come home) and my heart ached for her as soon as she saw us she started crying (right in the shops) we walked up to here and gave her a hug. She said "I don't know....should I go home? (cos we were still saying at her place..really I didn't know why Mom didn't just pack up and go to our home..but looking back now maybe it was good she didn't..in a hard time it's good to stick together..my Dad's away at an important business meeting so he wasn't around) when Grandma said that I knew she had been really hurt bad and I said. "Of course Grandma,,,they still love you" So we walked her to her car and she cryed a bit more and we talked about it all and then she went home and we went on our way.

But now we are back home and Grandma has gone for a short "break" to the sea and she'll be back tommorrow night.

But the good thing is that Mom gave Granny a hug (I wasn't there) and "made up" I hope every thing is ok now!

But I think what helped Mom the most was that she booked an appointment with an old friend. She is a very powerful and strong prayer worrier and this lady encouraged Mom heaps. So I think that helped Mom get back into "line".

Dad got back from the business meeting in another state and today we went for a picknick which was really nice. And every one was very cheerful and jovial.

And I'm happy but I hope things will stay that way when Granny and Pa comes back!

I should do some praying!

I thank God for Chantel. She is one of the most precious people I know and made me feel very loved.
Hugs to you Chantel.

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Thank God For Friends! [
Posted on June 19, 2005 @ 12:25 pm
[ mood | cheerful ]

I just have to post this.
 I'm am so greatful for friends.
 I have just recieved a comment from rowannrose You seem like such a wonderful lovely person. I am thrilled to get to know you.
songofsummer is so beautiful as well.
 Thank you all for wanting to get to know me!
 Love in Christ to all of you! Claudia!

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Posted on June 13, 2005 @ 4:45 pm
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Why is it that people seem to think that Italians are dumb????

It's just not right. We are just like any of you "white" people.

It seems that there is a void in between darks and whites that I can't understand.

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Posted on June 07, 2005 @ 11:11 am
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Life has been great for me at the moment!

I love Dad and Mum so much!
But it saddens me to think that I only really feel like I love them, when we're not arguing and we agree on every thing.
I want myself to love them at all times any way, even though they don't want me to do something that I really want to do and even if they tell me NO. I want to be able to accept it with a grateful heart that says...."They know best..I will trust them" But it's seems soo hard.

But I am learning. And God is teaching me.
I love God So much!

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Encouraged! [
Posted on June 01, 2005 @ 12:47 pm
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I was so encouraged.

In the morning (but dark like around 3 or 4:00) I was woken up for some reason. As I was lying there trying to get back to sleep I heard Jesus's voice so clearly in my head (I think I heard him so distinctly because no other thought's were crowding my head from the previous day) He said "Let's talk" I was like "Yeah ok."
I said "What do you want to talk about?" and he said "Let's talk about Love" so we did and he gave me such hope for the future and my little pet worries.
He said.
Let your love rest, go to sleep with it...when you do you will find love sooner than you think". I was so happy and encouraged with that little talk with God. He excites me. I love him.

I went back to sleep in peace.

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